Step 4 – Add your US East Coast (with Niagara) Media Projects


The most important selection you’ll ever make. Each Media Project delivers 21st Century Skills and the final output will be featured on your School’s Classroam Wall (on eligible subscription). Click “add to cart” on the titles that match your education philosophy.


Combination of the known (Mughal History) and the unknown (Indian-Mughal culture, subtleties of architecture and craft of stonework, power of handicrafts and the tourism business) is what makes the magic of reporting one’s experiences most powerful. We take it a step forward and add our own confidence at initiating students of all ages into the art of documenting their experiences and group/individual project work that delivers 21st Century Skills.


The ideal combination on a 2-day program may include the following 2 media projects; 1. Travel Journalists Program: Students work in teams to photograph and write an article for a magazine (Student Travel Chronicle). 2. Blue Bulb Bloggers Inc contest: Students compete in to create a blog on a pre-selected topic, and, the blog adjudged the best by the teachers is published.



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