Jaipur: Certificate & Badges

Designed to be highly motivational, we have crafted unique categories and varieties of certificates and badges to celebrate student achievements and student team spirit to enhance their engagement with the program. Click “Add to cart” if this Knowledge Kit insertion interests you. Then you can go back to the “Build Your Knowledge Kit” page and continue to explore other customisations.

We offer a pre-selected bundle of certificates and badges. We will always support each program with appropriate categories and variants of these awards to celebrate student acheivements during the program.

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Knowledge Kit

This is a series of booklets with information and exercises that enable the students to derive important and noteworthy inspirational aspects from a person or place belonging to their travel destination. The Classroam team has an unparalelled collection of thousands of worksheets, story books, and info books that are created to complement the intensity of learning opportunity in a program.