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Selecting Classroam’s Thematic Annual K12 Calendars is more than simply deciding what programs students should undertake and when. It is about helping students learn in a more focused manner, both, the knowledge of the world and the 21st Century Skills necessary to thrive in it. There is no mere exposure, but an opportunity to attain mastery.

Outdoor Education, Reimagined

K12 History, Heritage & World Culture Calendar

What Our Students Stand To Achieve This Year

Devote an entire year to understand our History, Heritage, and World Culture!

Our heritage and culture calendar does three phenomenal things.

First, it introduces young minds across age-groups and across the year to the concept of multi-benefit value of preserving domestic as well as global heritage.

Second, it involves them in experiences where they see history come alive and how it relates to the present state of humanity.

Thirdly, students learn to appreciate the role of heritage as a means of human identity and the need to respect our world’s cultural diversity.

The year contains eleven unique and highly differentiated opportunities. Students can opt for a combination of the eleven proposed programs. Whatever combination may be selected, it is certain to further the school’s philosophy of humans benefiting from virtues of unity, brotherhood, and respect of diverse cultures.

Further, students can opt for different combinations of the eleven proposed programs and what’s certain is that any choice they make will be counted in favor of furthering the school’s philosophy of humans benefiting from virtues of preservation, unity, brotherhood, and respect of global cultures.

The first big opportunity is the post-finals break in March. The junior students can relive Mughal history in Agra, the middle school learn Skills For Life in the lap of nature while the seniors attend the Dream Catchers Camp where they learn to collaborate with each other to make collective ambition a reality.

The middle to senior school students get to experience true diversity with study trips to the far-flung areas within India and some really unique experiences overseas such as Dubai where they get to dive deep into a totally different culture that through international collaboration has truly benefited from the riches that oil has gifted them. Students may also select USA — a nation built by migrants — there isn’t a better lesson in human unity and diversity except for maybe a visit to Amritsar and Dharamshala in the winter. This latter experience is open for the senior classes and exposes them to the beautiful cultural amalgamation of Buddhism and Sikhism — both religions that were founded on Indian soil. At this time, middle school can visit Jaipur to experience the rich history, culture and heritage of the Rajputs.

“Study the past if you would define the future.” C




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The History, Heritage and World Culture calendar helps you create highly sensitized global citizens. We will be delighted to customise our offering for you for this entire year and see students turn proud patrons of our heritage.