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A Revolution in K12 Outdoors

K12 Builder is only the beginning. The only application that allows educators to custom create the entire year’s Learning Outside the Classroom curriculum for the entire school. What else? Each project that your students complete with us gets plugged into a revolutionary new service — our very own, Classroam Wall — a showcase website personalised for your school that features your school students’ endeavours towards 21st Century Skills and UN SDGs. You choose. Students create. The School is rewarded.

Voice is mankind’s greatest advantage. Honed and celebrated from a young age, it creates pioneers. That is the philosophy behind Shonu Chandra’s Classroam range of technology solutions for K12 extracurricular learning.

There are four solutions that lend a voice to different stakeholders in the education system.

K12 Builder empowers the educators to make their wishes come true. For the first time in the history of student education travel, principals and teachers will be able to add just the right amount of educational value to their school trips. They will be able plan an entire year’s extracurricular calendar and if they can dream it — the excursions and skills training Success Path for the entire school from K to 12th.

After the revolutionary K12 Builder, the Classroam Exploratorium will help the principals and teachers to disseminate destination knowledge and useful skills training to the travelling group of students via a state-of-the-art LMS. This will be a favourite among students and parents, alike. There is very little scope of distraction, no disruption of the regular time table of the student and yet, it is full of immense learning opportunities. The project work done by the students will be submitted online thus cutting down on paper and helping us to go green!

Finally, the school as a whole must benefit from the hard work done by the educators and the students, using the K12 Builder and the Classroam Exploratorium, respectively. 

This is where the Classroam Wall and Student Portfolio Generator kicks in. Each school partnering with Classroam gets the student media projects showcased on a dedicated micro-website for the school. The entire collection of the project work in the form of podcasts, v-logs, blogs, e-books, e-magazines and author bio gets uploaded to the school’s personalised page. 

It goes further. The Student Portfolio Generator allows each student to enjoy a single auto-filtered page with his or her own achievements. This page has the students’ own projects and also sections for writing his or her own biographical note. Thus, each student can represent himself or herself to their dream profession and the university admissions council.

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