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K12 Meets The Power of Planning

Selecting Classroam’s Thematic Annual K12 Calendars is more than simply deciding what programs students should undertake and when. It is about helping students learn in a more focused manner, both, the knowledge of the world and the 21st Century Skills necessary to thrive in it. There is no mere exposure, but an opportunity to attain mastery.

Outdoor Education, Reimagined

K12 Community Service Calendar

What Our Students Stand To Achieve This Year

Devote an entire year to Serving Humanity.

Our Serving Humanity calendar does three phenomenal things.

First, it introduces young minds across age-groups and across the year to the concept of doing good for humanity.Second, it involves them in experiences where they work on UN SDGs. They can choose to observe and report the going-ons of community far-flung and rural communities. They can also get involved in community service — helping people directly or indirectly — by either planting trees to increase green cover or to promote quality education by teaching local students

The year contains five unique and highly differentiated opportunities. Each opportunity covers a different season and uses a different period of a school’s students’ academic calendar. Further, students can opt for different combinations of the five proposed programs and what’s certain is that any choice they make will be counted in favor of furthering the school’s philosophy of learning humility, feeling empowered to help fellow citizens and finally, in Serving Humanity globally. The first big opportunity is the post-final exams break for junior school. They may choose to visit the Ranthambore National Park where there is scope to study the interdependence between man, nature and beasts and becoming abreast with the fundamentals of the delicate balance of nature. Here is an added opportunity to introduce our young minds to the work of a local NGO.

During the summer break middle and senior school students can opt to either take an overseas Community Service program to Cambodia or they can opt for a local Community Service experience at Bugyal Serai.

As things turn to winter, both, the junior and middle school get the option to visit Amritsar and learn the important lesson of Human Unity in Diversity. 

Senior students end the year by participating in Save The Ganga program. They understand why rivers are mothers of cities and how they change and adapt to human life. How they quench human thirst and take the affluent away at the same time and what’s at stake if we don’t save our rivers. They learn that the only way forward is together.

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world. ” M

Mahatma Gandhi



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The Serving Humanity calendar helps you add to your UN SDGs mission and also uphold the values that your school stands for. We will be delighted to customise our offering for you for this entire year and see the students do good for the community.